In high school, I picked up a camera and fell in love. I fell in love with the process of composing, seeing and ultimately documenting beautiful moments. Photography gave me access to have new experiences, see new spaces and explore new people. On the weekends, while my friends were out partying, I was out shooting and shooting more. I felt unstoppable, unbeatable, loving every minute of life it and wanting more.

I eventually became a full-time staff photojournalist at The Conroe Currier, The Shreveport Times, The News & Observer and The Houston Chronicle. Photojournalism gave me opportunities for documenting history and being the eyes of truth for readers. I am a multiple Pulitzer Prize-nominated photographer & finalist and a recipient of the National Headliners Award.

While at The News & Observer, I met my other true love, Kathleen. Just like my love for photography, I fell in love with her. Every day with her I had that feeling of being unstoppable and loving every minute of life. So, what did we do? Got married, started a business and had some awesome kids.

Kathleen and I have worked side-by-side with Azul for over 15 years. We have always stayed true to our photojournalism backgrounds. We want to give future eyes a historic view of your moments captured, framed and composed specifically with them in mind.


I fell in love with photography in high school when I got my first job at a photo lab. I remember getting my first camera and taking pictures of everything!  I studied photojournalism at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where I was a photographer and later photo editor at the Daily Tar Heel. That was a really sweet gig because I had primo courtside seats at the Carolina/Duke games. Oh yeah! After graduation, I worked as a photojournalist and web designer for Nando, shooting mainly sports… Hurricanes, Panthers, golf and of course tons of college basketball.

Christobal and I met while covering the ACC tournament. Throughout my early photojournalism career, I had friends and coworkers ask me to shoot their weddings. They were looking for something different. Years later, I teamed up with my amazing husband and we started Azul.

Photography to me isn’t about pretty pictures. Yes, we all want to look amazing… but more importantly, it’s about the story. Your story. The look on your husband’s face as you walk down the aisle on your wedding day, the first moments you hold your new baby, your grandmother singing karaoke. The flowers fade, the cake was amazing, but what remains aren’t just pretty photos in an album. It’s your story.

PS: We also love traveling (our favorite place so far is Hawaii), running, kids (we have three!) and our cat, Bono, and dog, Kona.


Azul Photography is tremendous at what they do, and will highly exceed your expectations!

We did our research and knew they always produced amazing photographs to beautifully capture special moments, but once you receive yours, it's nearly impossible to explain how impressed we are :)