Jennah & David | Wilson Wedding

Kathleen and I (Christobal) took a short drive from Raleigh to Wilson, NC to photograph the wonderful wedding of Jennah & David.

Jennah looked amazing and we absolutely loved the mirror shot of the beautiful moment of her walking down the stairs with her mom. The sun was out and perfect for a few quick available light portraits of Jennah outside her parents’ home.

The First Presbyterian Church looked wonderful with late afternoon light falling on the building. David was getting ready in the back room, while guests walked into the sanctuary. The church was packed as everyone waited for the bride to walk down the aisle to her future husband. The ceremony was beautiful and smiles were everywhere for the couple.

After the ceremony, we headed over to Wilson Country Club to hear R&B music filling the air. Rubberband set the tone for the night with great introductions and dance music. Everyone dancing was having a great time, while the aroma of the food stations brought hungry dancers over to the bar.

What a wonderful wedding and congratulations to the new couple!

Photography portrait of Wilson bride Jennah

Photograph of bride descending down stairs as she heads to her wedding in Wilson, North Carolina. The photographer framed the bride in a mirror.

Sunlight spills into the First Presbyterian Church before the wedding.

Jenna smiles for her photograph while getting ready before her Wilson wedding

Photography of the First Presbyterian Church in Wilson perparing for a wedding.

Wilson flower girl posses for the photographer before the wedding.

The First Presbyterian Church gets ready with flowers on the pews for a wedding in Wilson

The photographer documents Jennah walking down the aisle as everyone stands for the bride while in the First Presbyterian Church in Wilson.

The bride kisses the groom while at their Wilson wedding at First Presbyterian Church.

Jenna smiles for the photographer with her husband while at her Wilson wedding

The bride and groom sit on the front steps of the church and share a kiss before heading to the reception.

Flowers and cake wait for the couple after the ceremony at the country club.The groom assists his bride as they arrive to the Wilson Country Club for the reception.A photograph of the band playing blues during the reception while at the country clubThe bride holds on to her husband as they embrace on another on the dance floor.Jennah wraps her arms David during the first dance at the Wilson Country Club.The first dance is a tradition which all wedding couples perform.The groom looks into the eyes of his bride during the first dance.The crowd fills the dancefloor at the wedding reception at the country club in Wilson.Last dance of the night for the bride and groom in Wilson North Carolina.The last time the groom dances with his bride on the wedding night.The couple enjoy a kiss as the night ends on the wedding day.