1,000 Words: Katherine & Matt

1,000 Words is what Raleigh, NC based Azul Photography clients have to say about their favorite photograph from their wedding.
Here is what Katherine had to say:

Our favorite image is the one taken shortly after the ceremony. It’s the image of my hand in his, when he was looking at my wedding band. We were so excited that we were married, and couldn’t believe that it had really happened.  I like that even though our faces are not in it, you can feel our love for each other through that simple gesture. Since it shows details of the gown, it makes it obvious that the picture was taken on our wedding day during a private moment. The composition and feeling that is evoked from looking at that photograph only reinforces that we had an amazing photographer in Christobal!

Wedding band after ceremony in Raleigh

The next image is something I (Christobal) thought you would like to see. It is the exact next frame I shot of that moment. I stepped back with a wider lens to help show the love between Katherine & Matt. They are so in love and I am thankful to have been there for them. Congrats again and here’s a link to see more images from their wedding!

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