Raleigh Wedding Photographer Wins Awards

We recently learned that Christobal has won multiple awards from The Wedding Photojournalism Association. The WPJA is an international wedding photography organization that holds quarterly contests for talented photographers from across the globe. Thousands of photographers enter their contests and to win or place is a huge honor.

In the latest contest, Christobal had 6 images place in their respective categories. With the wins, he has accumulated enough points to become North Carolina’s top wedding photojournalist for the second year in a row. “It is wonderful news to be the top photographer in NC,” said Christobal. “I absolutely love wedding photography! Every wedding I have an opportunity to document the joy of new beginnings… what a job.”

Below are the winning images and their respective categories.


The groom is hugged by his mother during the reception at his wedding near Raleigh.

In this photograph, I wanted to show the emotion of this amazing moment. Rodney’s joy brought tears and his mother was there to wipe them away. I will never forget this day.  I was even crying after I shot this powerful image.

Silhouettes, Shadows & Good Light

Light dances off the walls of Cafe Luna in Raleigh North Carolina.

Weddings breathe and have a life if you can just see and appreciate it. After the first dance, the DJ turned on his lights and I fell in love with the light. My patience was tested all night in wanting to set-up a shot, but I had to be patient. I had to wait and wait for the perfect moment to create this image naturally.


Shadow dance on the Carolina Inn walls in Chapel Hill. The photographer took a different approach to create this image.

Sometimes wedding receptions can get a little crazy and I wanted to match the photograph with the moment. Taking risks sometimes brings huge rewards for a photographer. The Carolina Inn had no idea what hit them this night.


Outside the Carolin Inn the groom has a little fun with the bride's veil.

This picture always makes me laugh and I thought I had a shot at winning something with it. The serious look of the groom and the laughter of the bridesmaids and bride says it all. This was a great Chapel Hill wedding which gave me a lot of great photographs.

Getting Ready

A bride slips into her dress while at Highgrove Estate Mansion before the wedding ceremony.
This was the first photograph I shot as I walked into the door (can you believe that). I thought the high angle would give you a better sense of being in the room with the bride. I am always looking for different angles and this one fit the moment perfectly

Details (Found)

Hands cross in prayer before the wedding ceremony

I shot this wedding with my good friend, killer Philadelphia wedding photographer Scott Lewis. I was floored when I first saw this image. It has emotion, texture, mood and lots of details. Thank you Scott for letting me come up and shoot this wedding with you.

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Kristen - May 16, 2011 - 1:07 pm

Congratulations! These images tell such great stories!