1,000 Words | Lauren & Ben

1,000 Words is what Raleigh, NC based Azul Photography clients have to say about their favorite photograph from their wedding. Here is what Lauren had to say about Azul and her photographer:

A good friend of mine had hired Azul Photography to document her wedding day a few years ago, so before I was even engaged, I knew I wanted Azul to be a part of my big day when it came around!  What drew me to Azul is the way that each documentarian is able to capture movement and emotion during an engagement shoot, wedding day, family portrait session or other milestone event.

Ben and I had the pleasure of having Ethan photograph our wedding day.  It’s a lot like going back in time every time we look at the pictures Ethan took.  Each one exudes the excitement, joy, and love that we and our guests felt – whether it was a sweet moment at the altar, my grandma giving her son bunny ears for the camera, or our friends breaking it down to Rocky Horror Picture Show’s Time Warp!  The whole day was perfect and we have Ethan from Azul to thank for never letting us forget it.

Every image he produced came out to be beyond our expectations, so it was very difficult to choose just one favorite.  Like all of our wedding pictures, this image is a true indication of our wedding day. People dancing, laughing, hugging, and enjoying the company of their closest friends and family!  That is all we could have asked for on that day and we love how we can look back at this picture and remember all of the great times that were had by all!

– Lauren

Laurens raleigh downtown wedding reception

Please view more images from Lauren & Ben’s wedding here. Their reception was held at Marbles Museum.

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