Katie & Adam | Raleigh Engagement Portraits

Since Katie and Adam are artists, they were looking for an artistic photographer for their Raleigh wedding in December. The two are musicians, so we wanted to mix an engagement session with a band shoot. The band consists of just Katie and Adam, so I thought this was a fun idea for us to do. We headed to downtown Raleigh to get started. Once there, we walked around and chatted about how they met and I will never forget their story, which I will condense as best I can.

It starts with girl meets boy at Whole Foods, while trying to find a place to play her music. Boy says he is in a band, but is really not and just trying to impress the girl. Girl leaves Whole Foods thinking “I think that guy liked me.” Girl calls mom to say “I think that guy liked me.” Mom says to turn around and hand him your phone number and the rest is history. Now there is a whole lot more to their story, but we will leave it up to Katie and Adam to tell you all about it.

Below you will find the fun images of the couple along with a link to my first music video. I am not a videographer, but I (Christobal) just had to get this impromptu performance on video. Enjoy the images and I look forward to the wedding day!

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