Dyanna & Gavin

Dyanna and Gavin’s wedding was amazing. I knew it was going to be a great wedding when I started my day at a pub with the guys. I was bouncing back and forth from the pub to Cafe Luna to capture everyone getting ready.

The room was packed for the wedding and Cafe Luna’s space was perfect for them. Dyanna’s father walked her down the isle to a very happy groom. The ceremony was beautiful, complete with a song by their close friends. At the conclusion, Gavin gave Dyanna a huge kiss. A kiss so big, that Dyanna had to wipe the lipstick off Gavin as they walked away from the ceremony.

Everyone filtered out behind Cafe Luna for portraits. Lucky for me, the couple wanted something a little more edgy and creative. I love it when couples give us complete freedom to have fun with them.

After the portraits, we headed back to the restaurant for the reception. The couple was greeted with huge applause and screams as they headed to the middle of the dance floor. What more can I say… the party rocked, the cake from Swank Cake was delicious and the couple was awesome.

Congrats Dyanna & Gavin!