1,000 Words | Jacqueline & Tom

1,000 Words is what Raleigh, NC based Azul Photography clients have to say about their favorite photograph/photographer from the wedding. Here is what Jacqueline had to say:

When I met with Travis from Azul, I kept saying how much I wanted him to capture the moments I couldn’t see; the faces, the expressions, the little moments that go unnoticed by the happy, yet preoccupied bride who is focused on getting married and doing so gracefully. Travis went above and beyond my expectations on my wedding day. When I relive the wedding through my photographs, I am not only reminded by own memories from that day, but the memories of others Travis so impeccably captured. This photograph of me and my father was one such moment where I was preoccupied and my Dad was showing a feeling I did not realize he felt.

My father is a strong and proud man who shies away from showing emotions. When I saw my father for the first time in my wedding dress, he was excited and happy, typical emotions I see from him when I accomplish something truly outstanding. However, in this photo, while I am looking cheerful and completely oblivious to what is happening next to me, my father is tearing up. If it had not have been for this photo, I would not have seen the magnitude of my father’s emotions. In my entire life, I have never seen him swollen with such pride as though the most important job he would ever do would be to walk me down the aisle. Every little girl wants her father to approve of the man she will spend the rest of her life with. My Dad’s expression in this photo validates the decision I made to marry my husband.  Even though the walk down the aisle took only seconds, this memory lasts in my mind longer than any other due to this photograph. This picture captures 1,000 words that are impossible to express in a moment such as this.

I will be forever grateful to Travis for bringing out the best in me, my family, and my friends on the most important day of my life. These pictures will help bring back to life the beautiful joy of that day for years to come and I could not have asked for a more perfect photographer to do that for me!

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